NAR Centennial


In today’s world, there have never been more ways to reach consumers, and it’s never been harder to reach them. At the same time, the growth of the Internet and mobile has created an affinity for technology and an aversion to interpersonal relationships. The real estate search now begins online, which can create in consumers a false sense of self-sufficiency and confidence. In this environment, many consumers, particularly first-time buyers, don’t know what they don’t know, and may not appreciate or understand what a REALTOR® can do for them. 


In this context, NAR is working to clearly define REALTOR® brand value among the hyper-connected consumer audience, and particularly among up-and-coming generations of home buyers, sellers, owners and investors. We want today’s consumers to understand that REALTORS®:


  • Are your competitive advantage
  • Understand and have insights into local markets
  • See what can’t be uncovered in a simple online search
  • Are your advocates; they will fight for your real estate dreams
  • Form connective tissues in a community – they can access the resources you need whether you’re a home buyer, seller, business owner or real estate investor


In short, we are urging consumers to Get REALTOR®


To succeed, we must use messaging that resonates with consumers AND reach them in the places they’re most likely to be receptive to our messages, whether over the airwaves, through digital, or in social media. 


We also want to ensure that REALTORS® have the resources and information you need to demonstrate this brand value in your consumer relationships. Here are some ways you can take advantage of NAR’s resources:


  • Subscribe to e-newsletters and take advantage of the information and resources NAR provides through 
  • Click on the “Subscribe to e-newsletters” link under the News, Blogs & Videos tab on
  • Follow HouseLogic on Facebook – you can access images, infographs and videos that   were created with consumers in mind; you can use these materials in your own  consumer outreach.
  • Play the Real Estate Today radio show through your website – go to the “For REALTORS®” section of to download the widget.
  • Share your client success stories using the PowerofR hashtag.
  • Talk to your clients – because in the end, the one-on-one relationship between you as REALTORS® and the people you work with has the most impact on how consumers perceive the REALTOR® brand.